About Us

Hound & Cat Family Owned Utah Local Business
Hi! Welcome to Hound & Cat! We are so glad you're here. We hear you want to know more about us, our history & our inspirations.

The story begins with Marcos, born in Mexico & Paislea, born in Colorado. Seemingly worlds apart, yet… fast forward to when Marcos meets Paislea at work. Some flirtation occurs & before you know it they discover their joint love for animals & nature. Soon, they're found dating, talking about kids, life, several moves, marriage & an expanding pet family.

They begin their family with their first rescue fur baby, Wynn the mixed schnauzer, a salt-water tank filled with odd creatures & temporarily fostering dozens of orphan kitten families. Each year, for 3 years, they add one more pup to the family, beginning with Penn the mixed yorkie, Ophie the mixed poodle, & Mildred the mixed border terrier.

Their love of nature & animals went beyond their own loved furry & aquatic companions. With one nature inspired business well under way, they decided to continue their love for animals by researching the best natural dog & cat foods, treats, supplies & supplements, bringing them together & creating a clean, comfortable place to learn & grow with your pets.

At Hound & Cat we are very proud to offer a highly curated selection of only the best & most on trend natural dog & cat foods, treats, supplies, supplements, toys, furniture & much more. If we wouldn't give it to our pets, you won't find it here.

We want your pets to live a long & happy life & believe that food plays a role in their health. We offer a great selection of natural dog foods including raw food, kibble, dehydrated & complementing canned formulas. We would love to offer solutions to help you keep your pet happy & healthy.

We believe that pet toys, furniture & beds should serve a purpose while maintaining a certain aesthetic. If you're like us, there are toys & blankets strewn about the house & when they're beautiful, nobody thinks twice. Stop by & browse from a beautiful collection of items handpicked with design & functionality in mind.

If you ever have questions, come visit us! Our friendly & knowledgable staff is there to help & can guide you to find the best products for your pet; because we know they're family. Our business is built around family & we hope you feel like family when shopping with us. " -- Paislea / Owner