Self-Service Dog Wash


For just $20.00, your bath will include:

Tubs: Sanitized Doggy Tubs with Cozy-Warm Water.
Towels: Clean Folded Towels.
Shampoos: Formulated Earthbath® Shampoos.
Blow Dryers: Warm & Quiet Doggy Coat Blowers.

    1. load your pup
    Step 1: Get your happy pup loaded into the tub using the ramp or steps.

    Place your pup in our easy-to-load dog baths, or use our ramps for larger breeds. Get their coat nice and wet.

    2. wet & lather
    Step 2: wet and lather your pup up!

    Lather your pup up with our all-natural dog soap by Earthbath®, included in all baths.

    Does your pup have a special need for his or her fancy coat? let us know! earthbath® has the right solution for you.

    3. thoroughly rinse & dry
    Step 3: Rinse that squeaky clean pup and make sure all of the soap is removed!

    Rinse your pup thoroughly and wait for the shake.

    Use our clean and fresh towels to get your pup ready for the blower!

    4. blow dry
    Step 4: Blow Dry your pup with a nice, warm wind.
    Give your puppy a nice, warm blow drying to ensure their undercoat is ready to head out!
    *Sorry, we don't allow blowouts on certain breeds, like Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, & those with similar dense coats.