Firework Safety Tips for pets Utah

tips to keeping your pets safe this July 4th!

  • give your furry friends a safe space: keep them in a safe space; puppies & kittens get anxious around fireworks & crowds.  Bring them indoors and place them a quiet area, such as a bedroom or their cozy kennel.

  • make sure your pets have their I.D.s: in case your pup or kitty does get startled and runs away, make sure they have their tags with your contact info. Visit/Download ASPCA's app for a lost pet kit & tips to help bring your furry companion home.

  • keep an eye out for rubbish: let's face it, pets love to sniff & taste anything new.  Ensure fireworks, adult beverages, gas, matches, food, etc. are kept safely away from your pet. 

  • yup, pups do get sunburned: if you plan on taking your pup outdoors this July 4th, ensure they are protected from the harsh UV rays.  Make sure you're using pet-approved sunscreen lotion; using non pet-approved sunscreen may cause your pet to get sick or ill.